Apex Investment Partners A April 1995 Case Solution

Apex Investment Partners A April 1995 Case Solution

Apex Investment Partners A April 1995 Case Solution

The partners of Apex Investment Partners are trying to find to supply financing for Accessine Technologies, a little firm concentrating in supplying "One Individual, One Number" telecommunication services. The settlement from the terms-and-conditions from the deal, along with its prices, prove challenging.

Excel Calculations

·         Assessment of AccessLine                                          

·         Valuation Model for AccessLine                                                                                                               

·         Adjustment to Growth in revenues =

·         Adjustment in profit margins =

·         Cap Exp to revenue growth =

·         Net working capital to revenue growth=

·         Beta (use avg of 3Com and Boston Tech)

·         Rates

·         Equity premium =

·         Risk free rate =

·         Cost of equity capital model = risk free rate + [beta * (equity premium)]

·         Long term growth (terminal value) =

·         Discounted Terminal Value

·         Cost of equity capital

·         Value in 1995

·         Existing Shares

·         Per Share Value


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